Sunday, December 14, 2008

Twenty First Century

Welcome! It's about time for me to enter the 21 st century and put at least my toe into this blogging thing. This is new to me so I ask for some patience with you seasoned bloggers out there. First I'm excited to have this photo website up. Props to my man Dave Johnson of 814 Photography in Nashville, TN for helping make it happen. He's a really talented guy and you should check out his site. He's the best bud of my son in law Mike. Mike and his wife (and our daughter) Jenny have a fine art painting business in Nashville called Numberwalls. They're currently working in Lexington doing a cool job for the Lexington Transit. What's all of this have to do with photography? Not much but Dave is part of their posse.

The biggest thing that's been happening with me photographically is I've been
shooting color for the first time, like ever. I must admit it's fun. This has been enabled by the increasing quality of the latest digital cameras. Prior to my last few digital cameras I found it necessary to shoot with contrast filters (orange and red) to get the skies dark enough without excess digital noise. Software filters introduced too much crud, hence the filters to pre condition the file so it did not need such heavy handed processing. This was great for BW but it ruined the photo for color. Both the Mamiya ZD and the Nikon D700 have such superb noise performance that I've weaned myself from the filters. Now, without the filter it's possible to do color or BW nicely. Here's an example of a photo from a recent trip that works in both color or BW.